The Tecolotes Dos Laredos continue to fight back with ASM Management over Uni-Trade Stadium. The City of Laredo offically stepped in to allow the Tecos to finish their games at Uni-Trade for the 2024 season.

The Tecolotes Dos Laredos continue to fight back with ASM Management over Uni-Trade Stadium. The City of Laredo offically stepped in to allow the Tecos to finish their games at Uni-Trade for the 2024 season.

Raul Rodriguez/Uni-Trade Group

The Tecolotes Dos Laredos said they are worried they might experience the same fate as the beloved Bucks in Laredo.

On Wednesday, the Laredo Morning Times reported that the Tecos were facing eviction from Uni-Trade Stadium, as they were served a notice from ASM – the management company hired to run the facilities. Fortunately for the Tecolotes though, the City of Laredo stepped in and told the two-nation organization that it can play it remaining games scheduled at Uni-Trade Stadium.

However, the Tecos are still concerned about their future in the Gateway City, especially with ASM involved.

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“The city manager intervened, and we received a counteroffer from ASM to at least finish the season,” Tecolotes Dos Laredos general manager Cuitlahuac Rodriguez said. “We were hoping to do the five years already, but as of right now, all we have received is to finish the season.”

The Tecolotes received the notice to vacate the facility due to failure to sign the contract agreement with ASM for use of Uni-Trade Stadium.

According to Rodriguez, the Tecolotes received a one-year bridge contract in 2023 from the city in hopes to eventually earning a new five-year contract. However, during that time, city leaders hired ASM to run Uni-Trade Stadium’s operations. And when the Tecos tried to reach an agreement for a long-term contract with the city, Laredo officials would tell them they would have to reach an agreement with ASM instead.

“I would tell (city officials) that ASM isn’t the owners of the stadium, the city is,” Rodriguez said. “Plus, the city invited the Tecos to come to Laredo.”

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LMT reached out to ASM about the contract situation between it and the Tecos. However, ASM couldn’t comment during contract negotiations.

The Tecolotes have tried to come to an agreement with ASM. However, according to Rodriguez, there’s some issues with the contract proposal as part of it conflicts with the Mexican League’s rules.

“A few days before the season started, we got the five-year contract from ASM,” Rodriguez said. “Now in that five-year contract, there are a lot of things that we don’t agree with or that are against league rules.”

For example, according to Rodriguez, the contract stated in Year 3 that ASM would take over ticket office operations as the management company would like to use Ticketmaster. However, the Mexican League has told its 20 franchises to not have any contracts with any ticketing companies past 2025 as it aims to centralize the league’s ticketing operations.

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“We would explain this to (ASM) that we can’t sign this contract because of this, and they would tell us to sign it anyways,” Rodriguez said.

However, the Tecos say the biggest issue with the contract offer is that the management company wants to take 40% of the organization’s revenue streams: concessions, percentage of ticket sales and so forth.

The Tecos say they want to put the best product on the field possible. After being close to advancing to the league’s King Series – the association’s version of the World Series – they have decided to increase their payroll this season. If ASM were to take 40% of the organization’s revenue streams, that would affect the on-field product vastly, according to Rodriguez.

“We can’t do that because we rely on those revenues for the team,” Rodriguez said. “They want all these cuts from our revenue streams, but nobody has taken our expenses into consideration. Basically, all our revenue goes back into player salaries.

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“They are nickeling and diming us to death.”

ASM is also seeking full control of concessions, which is a massive revenue stream for the Tecos.

“What’s next? Are they going to give us a lineup,” Rodriguez said. “That’s how we feel right now. They want to control our ticket office. They want to control our concessions. They want to add facility fees to our ticket sales. And every year the facility fee increases.”

According to Rodriguez, with the raise in facility fees, he’s worried that will drive ticket prices too high for fans to come out and enjoy the team at a reasonable price.

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The Tecolotes say they want to stay in Los Dos Laredos. They have made that intention clear in the past. And the City of the Laredo wants the team to stay here as well.

“As mayor, I was elected citywide to be the voice of the people, and the public overwhelmingly wants the Tecos baseball team here in Laredo,” Laredo Mayor Victor Trevino said regarding the situation.

The Tecos say they are willing to come to an agreement with ASM, if they see it fair for both sides. However, they don’t know if they can. And they are worried that if these issues can’t be resolved, they could experience the same fate as the beloved Laredo Bucks as the former hockey team saw its downfall due to a rise in ticket prices and starting to charge for parking.

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“We are hopeful that the city will step in and help,” Rodriguez said. “ I know the city manager has been heavily involved in this. There’s only so much he can do because of this contract the city has with ASM. … With ASM in the picture, it’s going to affect our product.

“What happened to the Bucks is starting to happen to us. The Bucks were very successful, then this management came in and started taking things away. And then what happened? The Bucks left. This is going to be the same story, just the baseball version.”

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