The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has shared the updated ticket sales for upcoming WWE events, including next weekend’s Money in the Bank 2024 pay-per-view event, which currently has 16,659 tickets out. There is a $112 get-in price on the secondary market.

RAW in Boston on July 1 has 9,994 tickets out.

SmackDown in Toronto on July 5 has 14,972 tickets out. The get-in price on the secondary market is $14.

NXT Heatwave in Toronto on July 7 has 8,104 tickets out.

RAW in Ottawa on July 8 has 7,077 tickets out.

SmackDown in Worcester, MA on July 12 has 6,105 tickets out.

RAW in Dayton on July 15 has 5,734 tickets out.

SmackDown in Omaha on July 19 has 7,444 tickets out.

RAW in Green Bay on July 22 has 5,053 tickets out.

RAW in St. Paul on July 29 has 9,980 tickets out.

WWE SummerSlam 2024 in Cleveland on August 3 has 46,195 tickets out.

RAW in Baltimore on August 5 has 7,110 tickets out.

SmackDown in Tulsa on August 9 has 6,985 tickets out.

RAW in Austin on August 12 has 10,881 tickets out. It will likely sell out.

SmackDown in Orlando on August 16 has 7,563 tickets out.

A live event in Lakeland, FL on August 17 has 2,539 tickets out.

A live event in Estero, FL on August 18 has 3,052 tickets out.

SmackDown in Washington DC on August 23 has 8,710 tickets out.

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