With Forbidden Door in AEW’s rearview, all eyes are now on their return to Wembley Stadium in London for All In. While the official sales numbers for All In 2023 were disputed amongst many in the wrestling community, there’s no denying that the event was a rousing success, becoming one of the highest-attended wrestling shows of all time.


Previous reports have noted that it is unlikely that All In 2024 will top the attendance record of its predecessor. AEW President Tony Khan, however, was more optimistic during the Forbidden Door media scrum.

“Last year, we sold 81,035 tickets, set a world record,” Khan said. “We’re going back, I think it’s a really bold play, and we’re off to a great start on tickets. You know, we’re really at a very similar pace to last year which is tremendous … We really have had a really good pace for sales.”

While he gave no specific figures, Khan did note that he expects the rest of AEW’s summer to build stories and matches that will help move the remaining tickets for Wembley this August.

“Just like last year, we started announcing exciting matches and things really started rolling more and more,” said Khan. “I think we’re going to see that again, because this is going to be a really hot summer for us.”


As of this writing, no matches have been officially announced for All In. However, it was previously announced that the winners of the men’s and women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournaments will receive shots at their respective world titles at All In. The semifinals for each tournament will begin Wednesday, July 3, in Chicago on “AEW Dynamite: Beach Break.”

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