Weight loss injections are continuing to cause a stir in Hollywood, with some celebrities openly admitting to taking them, and others flatly denying it. And Tori Spelling is one of the refreshing A-listers who is in the former category, as she candidly confessed to taking weight loss injection Mounjaro to lose 40 lbs. after giving birth to her fifth child! Mounjaro is prescribed to people with type 2 diabetes, and is also FDA-approved as a weight loss drug under the name Zepbound.

The 50-year-old Beverly Hills: 90210 alum made the surprising confession on her misSPELLING podcast last month, and also went on to admit that she doesn’t feel any shame about it either!

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Tori Spelling Confesses To Using Weight Loss Drug ‘Mounjaro’

Speaking candidly on her podcast, the mom-of-five explained that she was able to lose the weight she gained during her first four pregnancies the natural way, but needed a little extra help after giving birth to her fifth child Beau in 2017.

“I did Mounjaro and everyone admits it now,” Spelling confessed, before explaining that she struggled to lose the weight fifth time around, which her doctor said could have been due to her age and hormones.

“I couldn’t lose the weight,” she continued. “At my heaviest, I was 120 pounds my entire life. And after Beau, I was 160 pounds. I couldn’t lose the weight and the doctor was like, ‘Well, it’s an age thing.'”

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Exercise And Intermittent Fasting Weren’t Working

The 90210 actress explained that although she tried exercising and doing intermittent fasting, she couldn’t seem to shift the weight. “It just wasn’t working. The weight wouldn’t come off,” she recalled. Spelling then explained that her doctor recommended Mounjaro and hormone therapy, as she was approaching menopause, while also confirming that she is no longer on the weight loss drug.

“She put me simultaneously with the hormones on Mounjaro,” the Troop Beverly Hills star explained, adding: “I’m no longer on it but I did lose weight and I haven’t been on it since the end of January.”

Spelling told listeners that she came off Mounjaro earlier this year because she is now “happy” with her current weight and doesn’t “want to get any thinner.” But she doesn’t feel ashamed to have tried the weight loss drug, as she added: “It’s a different time, so I don’t feel ashamed saying that.”

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