Since the PNE began building its prize homes on location, Langley has been the preferred site.

Of the four prize homes built since the annual fair ended its practice of showing prize homes at the fair to encourage home lottery ticket sales, then moving them to their final location, three have gone up in Langley.

After the first on-site house, in 2021, was built in South Surrey, by a Langley firm, every one since then has been constructed on a Langley site – three in a row, including the current 2024 home, which was opened up for media tours on Monday, June 24.

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PNE spokesperson Laura Ballance explained Langley has proven to be “very popular with our ticket buyers and our fair guests.”

“We do exit polls each year at the prize home [and] as well, we poll our ticket buyers about places they would like to see the prize home be located,” Ballance told the Langley Advance Times.

“What we’ve really heard in the years leading up to that first Langley house was that Langley was a community that a lot of people were interested in.”

Indeed. Ticket sales for the first prize home to be built in Langley went through the roof.

“The first house, the Ridgemont house, was a record-setting lottery for us. I believe last year [the second Langley house] was our all-time biggest-selling lottery.” 

When asked, Ballance said there was a “good change” there will be a fourth Langley house next year.

“With the last three homes, the proximity to Highway 1, as the metropolitan centre is shifting, [Langley has become] a very central location no matter where the winner happens to be from. Last year’s winner was from New Westminster and he has relocated into the home and is really enjoying it.”

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This year’s house, located near the Surrey border, in Langley’s Willoughby neighbourhood, was opened up for media walkthroughs on Monday, June 24.

At just over 3,400 sq. ft. with three levels, four bedrooms, two and a half baths, and a legal two-bedroom basement suite, it was described as “truly special” by Aubrie Ederer, PNE Manager of gaming, who guided the Langley Advance Times through the house.

With a protected green space behind it, and a view of the mountains,”it really is one that I would be keeping,” Ederer said. 

Built by Miracon Developments and valued at $2.35 million dollars, the home has been furnished by Yaletown Interiors, made energy efficient with the support of BC Hydro, along with smart technology supplied by Best Buy and Samsung, a Husqvarna yard care package, and an EV charger in the two-car garage. 

It will be available for tours from July 13 – Sept. 2,  on Fridays and Saturdays. Free tour tickets will be available through TicketLeader.

This year marked the 90th year since the first prize home lottery at what was then known as the Vancouver Exhibition, which believed to be the first home lottery in North America.

In 1934, the very first prize home was a fully furnished house and came with a free Vancouver city lot and $500 in furnishings from the Eaton’s department store.

Total prize value was $5,000, including the home, the lot, and the furnishings that included a “state of the art” electric stove.

It was won by Leonard Frewin.

According to one account, Frewin was courting a young woman whose father opposed the match, insisting Frewin couldn’t properly provide for his daughter.

As the story goes, on the last day of the 1934 Fair, Frewin purchased a dream home ticket. After he heard his name announced as the winner on the radio that night, he ran to Emily’s house and  proposed on the spot.

This year’s prize home lottery will feature three ticket options, bundles of two tickets for $35, six tickets for $80, 15 tickets for $165, and 30 tickets for $285,  available online at or by phone at 604-678-4663 or toll free at 1-877-946-4663. 

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